Let’s Go Shopping !

[edit] Haha, I ended up getting a Samsung D900i ;D Yes, the one that’s on my wishlist there on the sidebar. The one where I didn’t even mention at all in this post – whoops! It’s pretty despite not being pink but I can change the cover if I really wanted to (but it’d cost me $40 and that’s on evilbay)Shall post proper pictures in my next post! [/edit]

…for a new mobile phone that is. I’ve had my current phone (a Motorola V3 in HOT PINK ;D) for about 3 years now. Despite coming across some
pretty bad reviews and comments about it, it’s worked fine for me. Up until now. But then again, I’ve pretty rough with my phones. I constantly drop em everywhere! On carpet floors to concrete grounds. I do try to be careful but I’m just clumsy naturally!

Anyways, it dawned on me that I am in dire need of a new mobile phone. So I decided to “research” LOL. I’ve seen so many pretty phones! But they’re so .. high-tech? I don’t use my phone for much – making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages and in those rare times when I’m bored, I listen to music. I don’t use my phone for the internet or taking pictures (that’s what my digi cam is for!) or looking up maps (I’ll buy myself a GPS, thank you very much). I just want something basic and good looking! Is that too much to ask for?

And then there’s the budget. I feel really silly spending more than $300 on phone yet I’ve seen so many phones costing $1000 upwards O_O What the heck?!

I’ve tried looking for some of the older phones from about a year and a half ago but apparently, they’re all phased out. Phones these days are so friggin’ chunky! I want a slim, pink phone, haha not some blocky business gadget-y phone.

After some “researching”, I’ve narrowed it down to:

The Nokia e65. Why? Hello?? It’s pink, lol. That’s about it really.

Sony Ericsson z750i. Again, it comes in pink & it’s shiny! Mirror 😉

Nokia N80. Looks a bit chunky though and no pink?? 😦 But a girlfriend has this after upgrading from her Samsung e530 which she loved! She says it’s only better than the Samsung e530 cos of the camera, lol.

Nokia 6500 Slide. (A few Nokia’s here. I’m biased. I like Nokia!) Looks like a guy phone though 😦 Maybe it’s just me?? LOL

Initially, I really was just looking for the Samsung e530. So cute and girly 😀 But it was nowhere to be found 😦

So opinions, bashings, anything! What phone do you currently use? Pros and cons?



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