Cafe i Viaggi – Wetherill Park

Garlic bread $5.50

As many of us will soon be entering a new chapter in our lives, whether it be continuing our studies at a tertiary level or travelling (lucky bastards!), it is without a doubt, an exciting time for everyone! So what better way to catch up & talk about ourselves than dinner with your dearest friends?

Being the hungry person that I am, I arrived on time. I mean, hello?? It’s food! Why would you want to be late? Anyways, despite turning up on time, the handful of us had to wait for about an hour to see if the others were gonna turn up! Everyone was STARVING by then so we ordered anyways 😀

We ate at Cafe i Viaggi which is in Stocklands. Well, not inside the shopping complex but outside it yet still within Stocklands. Crap, that was confusing. Sorry guys! Now, I’m no food critic but I do like my food (specifically Italian) 😛 The wedges and spag bol were delicious! Their pizzas however … bleh haha. I didn’t really like it! Oh and their garlic bread – W.T.F? Seriously. It was on those Asian bun rolls which were so chewy and bland! I didn’t get to “taste test” the rest of the food which the gang ordered so I can’t offer my opinion on anything else.

Can I just say that new year’s resolutions are pretty hard to keep track of, let alone achieving them all! Despite one of my resolutions being “minimal alcohol intake”, I kicked off the dinner with a “West Coast cooler” – I don’t know what it all means but damn, it was nice ;D

Bill for 12 people – $313.30

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