Top 10 Things I Hate About The World

HAHA, the title sounds so emo. Whoops!

#1 – Drivers who fucking tailgate you. I absolutely HATE it! I always try to stick to the speed limit so that means 40 in school zones during the specified hours, 50 in residential streets etc yet I seem to attract so many tailgaters. I’m sorry that you’re in a fucking rush but is it my problem? NO. I’m sticking to the speed limit. I’d like to keep my licence, thanks! So you know what I do to piss them off even more? I slow down MUAHAHAHA

#2 – Those automated voices when you’re trying to call up a company. “Please say your last name.” “La di da.” “I’m sorry. Please repeat.” “I want to speak to a person.” FFS! I waste about 15 minutes trying to get a machine to understand me. Seriously. WTF? Even those menus where you press numbers are easier.

#3 – People who say, “Oh, I don’t wear make-up” in their holier than thou tone. But guess what? make-up isn’t just foundation, concealer plus some more. The eyeliner you’re wearing? That’s make-up. That shiny gloss on your lips? That’s make-up. So don’t come up to me and act like you’re much better than me when you obviously do wear make-up just like me and about a million other girls out there.

#4 – Idiots who think pumping music from their “fully sick” cars at 2AM on a Tuesday night is okay. I think the loud music is turning your senses into shit because really, IT’S NOT OKAY TO HAVE MUSIC THAT LOUD AT THAT TIME! People sleep you fucking hoon!

#5 – Just cos I’m short and have a *relatively* young face – it doesn’t give you any more of a right to stare me down when I walk past you during school hours and whatnot. No, I am not jigging school. If that’s the way your mind works then wtf are you doing at a shopping centre during work hours? HUH?!

#6 – Parents who can’t seem to control their kids in public. What I hate more than kids themselves are bratty, disgusting, rude kids. The ones who seem to have snot running down their faces, walking on the cement with no shoes on, yelling and screaming about something no one understands. Or when one of em comes up to you and starts coughing in your face? WTF is going on there? Cover your mouth you foul child! Yuck!

#7 – I hate waiting in lines. It’s not that I’m impatient – oh no. It’s cos people don’t seem to understand the term “personal space”! The kind of people who like to stand so freaking close to you they’re breathing down your neck. And then when you move up cos you really don’t wanna smell what they had for lunch, they think it’s a bloody invite for them to move closer to you! Just keep your distance, buddy!!

#8 – I like it when I have a new found favourite song. I hate it when the radio is flogging it so much it quickly becomes one of the most annoying songs I’ve ever heard. Yes, I listen to commercial radio. Sue me, haha. But I don’t get why they think it’s even necessary to play the new Britney song 50 times a day with only an hour in between each rotation.

#9 – Being around stinky people. There’s something called anti-perspirant, you shithead. How can you be so oblivious to how much you stink?! Especially in 40 degree heat. Omg, it’s even worse when you’re catching public transport and it’s packed! So you have no choice but to stand. That’s already annoying but imagine having have to stand next to someone who stinks like shit for 45 minutes? Eww!

#10 – “White” Anglo-Saxons who think they own Australia. LOLOL. Sorry but you’re not Aboriginal thus not being the original dwellers of the land we currently live on so shut the fuck up 🙂 Don’t throw your racist remarks at me cos it doesn’t make you any better. In actual fact, it makes you look a bit stupid 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sushii
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 00:36:00

    >#6. spot on


  2. Sally
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 11:49:00

    >lawl. *thumbs up*i can just picture your face during these times rofl


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