Flirt! It Out

I went on a lil adventure today to get my hands on some Flirt! goodies from Target. It sucks that my closest Target doesn’t stock Flirt! There were whispers that Flirt! was going to be discontinued even though it’s relatively new to Australian shores so I desperately wanted to try the brand before it went away for good. The Target I went to had the BOGOF offer as well as 50% off (this also applied to the newly arrived American Beauty and something else – I forgot!) so score! I hauled:

Feather Dust-Her brush (looks like the MAC 187 but it’s not really..)
Sweet Surrender blush
Honey lipstick
Brownie Points eyeliner

Flirt! had cuter names than just plain “blush” or “lipstick” – “Peek-a-Blush” powder cheek colour and “Chickstick” smooth and shiny lipstick respectively 😉

Feather Dust-Her brush – Originally $12, marked down to $6. How can anyone resist? $6 for a make-up brush? What’s there to lose, right? The bristles are quite long and soft making it perfect to apply my pigmented blushes 🙂

Honey lipstick – Ah, the nude lipstick. My current favourite nude lipstick is MAC’s 3N lippie from their N Collection from last year (I think!) Honey is a gorgeous nude with little to no pink tones. It’s rivalling 3N to become my fave! However, it does have the typical lipstick smell. Kinda like crayons, lol.

Brownie Points eyeliner – The packaging of these eyeliners remind me of Urban Decay. However, the length of Flirt’s eyeliners are noticeably shorter. These eyeliners go on smoothly and very pigmented. Brownie Points is a shimmery brown/bronze colour making it suitable for those days when black is just too harsh!

Sweet Surrender blush – I was originally looking for Heartthrob (rumoured to be a dupe for NARS Orgasm) but it was out of stock 😦 so I had a play with the testers and Sweet Surrender caught my eye. It’s a beautiful shimmery pink which would be gorgeous in Winter! The blush compact was a bit confusing to open at first – SLIDE and then FLIP the lid! Also comes with a mini blush brush which is really soft. Normally these brushes are so freaking scratchy I’d throw them away but this brush is surprising soft so I’m gonna keep it, LOL.

So there you have it. My mini Flirt! haul. I might head back to Target and pick up some more goodies!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Mar 30, 2009 @ 05:58:00

    >goodness! theyre so pretty! love the brand name!


    Apr 01, 2009 @ 07:55:00

    >hi i was wondering which target did you buy flirt products from


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