Nearly over

I haven’t abandoned this blog, I promise! Finals are on currently so I’ve been studying and trying to find lecture notes! My last exam is on Monday so this blog should be alive & kicking after then 😀

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my cousin’s wedding and I’m so freaking excited cos it means playing with make-up 🙂 I’m going to do my make-up, my sister’s and my cousin’s. The last wedding I went to was 3 years ago so yes, I’m a bit over excited.

I went shopping to purchase some accessories for the wedding. I love Diva for cheap thrills. They do some nice dressy accessories for little to nothing. My favourite purchases were these rings. Seems like I’m never able to find rings which fit my tiny fingers lol.

My favourite one is the snake one. Looks gorgeous IRL 🙂

Also tried my hand at wearing falsies. Omg, they were so uncomfortable! My sister had to apply them for me cos I’m so freaking unco LOL

Very natural looking as you can see. They’re MAC ones…forgot what number though. I don’t know how people can wear falsies everyday! But I felt so pretty with them on *flutters eyelashes*

Just to show you how pathetic my lashes are without falsies…sorry the pic’s kinda small.



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