EOTD Calendar Challenge: Last batch :)

EOTD Calendar Challenge: Calendar here

Woo! I can’t believe I actually stuck to this calendar 🙂 There were days where I was just like “Ugh. I don’t wanna do that. I just wanna do this!” but I stuck to it and it definitely paid off as it allowed me to actually use different brands and colours 🙂

Winter Princess – I don’t know WHY I even chose this as a theme. WTF? LOL. Anyways, I did silver/blue-ish…kinda Winter right? Sorry, no pics!

Flirt! – I already posted this down there along with some Flirt! eyeshadow swatches.

Barbie Loves MAC – I’ve been waiting for this day to use my Barbie Loves MAC items 🙂 Inspired by the Barbie Loves MAC promo pic.
What I used: UDPP, MAC Playful eyeshadow, MAC Springtime Skipper eyeshadow, MAC Mothbrown eyeshadow & MAC Vanilla pigment.

Taupes – Ahh, my kinda colours 😉
What I used: UDPP, MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow, MAC Mothbrown eyeshadow, MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow, UD Zero 24/7 eye pencil & Clinique Lash Power mascara.

Free – I used this opportunity to have a play with my new Sleek palette. I am impressed. I used the sponge tip applicator that was included in the palette and it still turned out good enough 😀 Glided on smoothly and very pigmented!
What I used: Sleek iDivine Original eye palette – bottom row, third and fourth shade from left & MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow.

UD Deluxe Shadow box – I purchased this last year, I think, during one of their F&F sale but uh, I just never really got around to using it.
What I used: UDPP, Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow box: Peace and Shag, MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow, Urban Decay Covet 24/7 eye pencil & Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara.


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