MAC Love that Look – Swatches (Style Snob and One-off)

Love that Look is a collection of the best, imo of course, MAC eyeshadow finishes EVER – Starflash. Love that Look repromoted some shades from last year’s Starflash collection and also included some new shades 🙂 I had already gotten my hands on Smoke & Diamonds from last year’s release so this time round, I decided to get Style Snob and One-off.

The starflash finish is fantastic! Very pigmented, finely milled and applies like butter. Once applied, you get a nice shimmery and frosty sheen which doesn’t get too OTT.

Style Snob is described as a “Dirty pink brown with gold pearl” and when swatched next to similar shades, the pink is quite evident. It’s a gorgeous colour to use as a wash on those lazy days 😉

One-off is just BEAUTIFUL. It’s the perfect emerald jewel green colour. Love love! Described by MAC as “Medium green with silver pearl” it’s a nice subdued green for those afraid of colour! Not too sheer but not too bright. Really love this one!

(Note: I was swatching Style Snob and Mauvement for comparison purposes on Specktra and decided to throw in One-off to kill two birds with one stone and get the swatches out of the way 🙂 )

The flash washed out One-off a lot. It’s more true to life in this one:


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