Mini Update

Hey .. readers out there? Haha, I don’t know who still reads this. Nonetheless, I shall carry on.

Just a mini update of my life right now which will explain my lack of blogging 😦

– We’re moving houses in about a month so everything has started to get packed up into boxes. This includes my make up. I’ve left out my basics (Nivea tinted moisturiser, NARS Orgasm, Luster and Albatross blushes, Urban Decay Zero eyeliner, my MAC neutrals quad which consists of Satin Taupe, Gingersoft, Woodwinked and Moth Brown plus another quad with Carbon and a Milani matte brown), which should all fit into my large make up bag when we finally leave the old house! I cannot wait to find new storage options for my make up 😀

– On the same point as the previous, I need to set up the internet there before we move in so I can actually blog from the new house 🙂

– I have three assessments due for school next week so I’ve been trying to get them done before this weekend. Stressing!

So in conclusion, I will be on a forced hiatus til mid-October hopefully *fingers crossed*

Til then, I’ll still comment on the blogs I’m following and answer any queries 🙂

PS: Any moving day tips?!


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