MAC Pigment Challenge – Melon and Coco

This matched my peach top I wore today. I didn’t match them on purpose but I didn’t feel like doing a heavy eye today 🙂

Melon, a permanent fixture at MAC, is a beautiful shade of gold/yellow/peach/pink. Do NOT rely on the swatch on MAC’s website because it looks nothing like it does in real life. Their description, “Soft bright golden peach” is probably closer to its real colour than the swatch picture! Depending on the angle, you see more peach, more pink etc It’s a very versatile pigment (nearly as versatile as Vanilla!) as you can use this just as a wash, cheek highlighter, highlighting the inner tear ducts or mixing it with your body lotion for a nice glow.

The most perfect taupe, Coco, was released yonks ago with the D’Bohemia collection back in 2005 and it remains one of the most highly sought after pigments amongst MAC fans 🙂 I love Coco but I’m scared my sample will run out one day 😦 so I usually use its dupe, Subtle 😛

What I used:
Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
MAC Melon pigment – all over lid
MAC Coco pigment – crease
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – highlight
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara


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