January Favourites

#1 Pixi Eye Bright Kit – no.2
This is my first concealer ever :)! I purchased this a while ago but was a bit confused as to how I would use it. Then I had two marks from pimples near my lips so I cracked open the concealer and used it for the first time on my sister’s 18th birthday.

It comes in a cute round green container with four different shades to conceal/correct – 2 cover up shades, one eye brightener shade and one highlighter shade. I can only offer my opinion on the cover up shade which has a pink hue to it. It may be sheer for some but I find that it provides the right coverage for me 🙂 The consistency is not too cakey even though it’s a cream.

#2 NARS Albatross highlighting powder
Such a boring white powder in the compact but it gives me the most beautiful glow ever! I’m glad I forked out the money for this lil beauty.

#3 MAC Blonde’s Gold pigment
Thanks to my pigment challenge, I got the chance to rediscover an old fav of mine! This is so gorgeous. And it makes me mornings easier as I can just do a wash of this pigment and it’ll make me look pretty enough for the day 😛

#4 NYX Tea Rose round lipstick
Who would’ve thought that a <$5 lipstick would become one of my HGs? Thanks to beauty bloggers around the world, I have come to love NYX for its great range and awesome products which cost less than my lunch! Tea Rose gives me a nice pink, dusty kinda mauve tint without making me look too done up.

#5 MAC Secret beauty powder blush
MAC’s beauty powder blushes have such a smooth finely milled texture with just enough pigmentation making your cheeks look nice, natural and glowy. I’ve had this lying around in my stash for over a year now but only recently have I started using it!


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