– a new craze

Here’s mine:

do you even use all your makeup? you seem to have so many of the same things

At the same time? No. Have I used them at one point? Yes. Some are more suited to everyday. Others are more suited for certain occasions. So I do have have my favourites which get more use.

So, what’s the point in having a makeup blog when every single post pretty much looks the same. There’s no technique to the application of the makeup.

I never claimed my blog was a make up blog where I am a professional at applying make up. I don’t even do tutorials! There are plenty of other blogs like that out there. If you took your time to skim through my blog, I blog about random things. Make up just happens to be a prominent topic. Also, I stick to simple easy looks which don’t require the use of 5 colours etc as I found that when I do try to duplicate looks from Temptalia, for example, it doesn’t work cos it’s too complicated for a newbie like me. So yeah, there’s no “technique to the application of the makeup” to YOU and that’s YOUR opinion but I’m just here to blog about what I like.

hey! where did you get your nailpolish from?

Are you talking about the China Glaze one? That specific one I purchased from someone. My other ones I purchase from 8ty8beauty, head2toe or crushedcosmetics.


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