Swatch: MAC Rebel Rock Blue pigment v MAC Blue (original) pigment

Whenever I read about X product being a dupe for Y product, I get curious and wonder, “Really?” So I go out and purchase them and compare for my own personal opinion. Sometimes, the dupes are spot on. And sometimes, they’re more similar than exact. And other times, their totally different making me think, “Um, Y is NOT a dupe for X!”

MAC’s Blue pigment was released twice – the first, known as the ‘original’ and the other known as the ‘Rebel Rock blue’. I acquired a sample of both and decided to compare them. And there are definite differences. Due to them having the same name, I just assumed they were the same. But noo, they’re not! They’re similar but not exact. The Rebel Rock version has more yellow in it whereas the Original is a more vivid blue.

Here are some swatches to let you decide for yourself 🙂


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