Swatch: MAC Coral Crepe Paint Pot

When I heard that MAC was releasing a new paint pot with the Pret a Papier collection, I was so excited! Don’t ask me why cos I still don’t know. I have a lot of the paint pots but I rarely use them *shrug*

Anyways, I was umm-ing and aah-ing over Coral Crepe for so long. I cancelled it in my CP order but then I would see swatches and looks posted using Coral Crepe which made me kinda go “Aww, should’ve gotten it!” Man! I hate being indecisive. I went to see it in real life at a counter and when I swatched it, wow! The colour was gorgeous – for real. I didn’t want to fork out $35AUD (ouch!) for it so I went home and tried to see if I could maybe get a sample of it instead lol.

Finally got one thanks to a lovely girl πŸ™‚ And I’m satisfied. I didn’t need a whole jar anyways cos I barely touch my paint pots. I’ve had other paint pot samples and they haven’t dried up on me yet so I’m not worried *fingers crossed*

MOVING ON – sorry about the story LOL – here are some delicious swatches of it πŸ™‚

Compared it with Perky and Girl Friendly, both LE from the Fafi collection. There is nothing quite like Coral Crepe πŸ˜‰


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