Ribs and Rumps – Olympic Park

My boyfriend and I headed to Ribs and Rumps at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday for lunch. I’ve heard some great things about this place so we thought, “Why not?”

We arrived at about 1.45pm on a Saturday and it wasn’t packed out. There were a lot of empty tables both inside and out. We opted to sit outside as it was such nice weather!

The wait for meals wasn’t long at all – average waiting time, in my opinion – about 15 minutes?
Service was ok. Not crap but not outstanding lol.

I ordered the fillet steak (280g) which came with my choice of either chips or baked potato for sides.

280g fillet steak with chips ($34.95) and creamy mushroom sauce ($2.95)
And my beast of a boyfriend decided to get this (cos apparently he was starving LOL):

Half a chicken with pork ribs ($42.95) with tangy bbq relish ($2.95)

His tangy bbq relish tasted a lot like salsa! He probably didn’t need to order the sauce cos on the table, they set down tomato sauce and HP sauce…which btw, what IS HP sauce? It tasted funky.

And you can’t have a meal without drinks, can you? I definitely can’t so we ordered these really delicious mocktails:

Redalicious ( a mix of watermelon, strawberries and ruby red grapefruit juice) $7.95
Free Spirit (pineapple, coconut and mango) $7.95

All in all, the food was okay. I still prefer Meat & Wine Co. but Ribs and Rumps is not bad.

Ribs and Rumps are located in Campbelltown, Manly, Mcgraths Hill, North Ryde and Sydney Olympic Park as well as in Queensland, Dubai (!) and South Africa!


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