Net Optical Website Review

Net Optical Australia is an online contact lens supplier and after doing my research, I was happy to make my first order with them. Having been in the business for over 10 years, I felt comfortable placing an order. Their web interface is very simple and easy to use. I’ve come across other websites offering contact lenses but I was stumped as to how I was supposed to order.

The website offers various brands of contact lenses – Acuvue, Air Optix, Freshlook, Proclear etc. They are based in Queensland and in regards to shipping within, it’s a flat rate cost of $6 and free shipping if your order is over $200. For those of you in Queensland, you can also opt to pick up your order instead thus eliminating the $6 shipping cost.

Bubble wrapped package.

Payment options are actually really important for me when it comes to online shopping. I prefer to pay via PayPal but Net Optical doesn’t offer this option. However, they do offer secure credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard), bank transfers, money orders and cheques. In my case, I opted for the credit card payments as it was much more convenient for me.

So here’s a timeline of my order with Net Optical Australia:

17/08/2010 – I placed my order and within five minutes of submitting my order, I received an email to confirm that my order has been received as well as a payment confirmation email.
19/08/2010 – Received an email to inform me that my order was express posted!
20/08/2010 – Order received.

Got my order safe & sound.

Three days for the order to get processed and delivered. Very nice! I am definitely impressed with the service and I would be ordering from Net Optical Australia much more often 😀

PS. They have a referral system going on so I’d appreciate it if you do order from the website, please put down JNTTL in the referral code box 🙂


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