Brand Spotlight Series – NARS #4

We’re nearly at the end of my NARS blush collection!

Today, NARS Gina blush.

NARS Gina blush

They say…


I say…

First of all – Francois Nars, you are not a man of many words, are you?

Secondly, NARS Gina blush is a straight up matte (no shimmer here) peach. In the pan & when swatched, it does pull a bit orange but on my cheeks, it becomes a muted peach. I love the matte texture – it isn’t chalky at all & very pigmented!

Natural light

NARS Gina blush was my first matte blush ever & before that, I had minor reservations about matte blushes – would they be chalky? Are they hard to apply? Would it look blotchy? NARS Gina blush weren’t any of those. Such a dream to apply & has convinced me to try other matte blushes.


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