Revlon Top Speed nail enamels

As part of the 30 days of beauty and fashion, I was invited to the Revlon Top Speed fashion show (read about my experience here). I was also sent an awesome hype pack including five out of the 32 available shades from the Top Speed collection. I also got an additional shade as part of the goodie bag 🙂

These polishes from Revlon have a quick drying top coat which allows the polish to set in 60 seconds. Yeah. SIXTY. FREAKING. SECONDS.

First, I’ll start off with the shade swatches and then I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Jelly 210 (one coat)

Jelly 210

Jelly 210

Royal 730 (one coat)

Royal 730

Royal 730

Electric 305 (two coats)

Electric 305

Electric 305

Sheer Cotton 010 (two coats)

Sheer Cotton 010

Sheer Cotton 010

Chili 430 (one coat)

Chili 430

Chili 430

Violet (one coat)

Violet 670

Violet 670

Bar Electric and Sheer Cotton, these were swatched with just one coat per the instructions. Most of these you could probably get away with just one coat. These were swatched in artificial light.

I got so many comments over the two days that I wore Electric! 🙂

– The polishes did try in 60 seconds.

– Without a top coat, the polishes chipped within 24 hours 😦 However, with Electric, I topped it with Seche Vite top coat which did extend the life for abonut 2 days.

– Most of these dried to a satin finish. Royal dried as a matte. Pretty awesome. Chili is quite obviously a jelly 😀

– With these fast drying polishes, you have to work fast. The brushes make it pretty easy for you to do the typical 3 quick strokes with little to no mistakes at all.

– I think these are great for those days where you suddenly realise you need to paint your nails but don’t have the time to do the whole she-bang. Great for parties 😉 These polishes make it so easy to change colours every day.

– If you don’t apply a top coat, they are quite easy to remove. I used my current nail polish remover on a cotton bud and only needed ~2 swipes and all the polish was gone.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. memybestandi
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 12:41:29

    Ooh Violet – I never got that one , noice 🙂


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