BBQ Madness, Parramatta

Before I met my boyfriend 6 years ago, I did not know of one Malaysian person let alone eat Malaysian food. Oh how sheltered my life was! I absolutely love Malaysian food now and it’s become one of my top 5s when it comes to food.

Last Saturday (1st October), I dragged my boyfriend to Parramatta despite the abysmal weather and had a lil look around at the BBQ Madness event held by Malaysia Kitchen Australia.

Alvin's cooking demonstration

They had Florence Tan (a well-loved Malaysian chef, apparently), Wanitha Tanasingam (another famous Malaysian chef), Adam Liaw (Masterchef 2010 winner) and Alvin Quah (Masterchef 2010 contestant) do cooking demonstrations. Unfortunately, we only made it just in time to watch a bit of Alvin’s demonstration.

The crowd listening and watching Alvin

He was awesome – really interactive and natural 🙂 Billy Law (Masterchef 2011 contestant) also made an appearance.

Look - it's Adam and Billy

They had a 7 Malaysian restaurants from around Sydney participate in their ‘BBQ Madness’ which was set up hawker-style. Essentially, you just line up, purchase tokens for $5 each and swap the tokens for the food on offer by each restaurant. We arrived at 1pm and it was madness! With an hour left of the event to go, there was still a massive long line to purchase the tokens and an even bigger line inside the square to purchase the dishes! I derived a strategy and my boyfriend happily obliged LOL it was the only way we could get our food ASAP and get out of the busy crowd.


As it was nearing closing time, we only ended up getting the ayam bagus (which were HUGE) from Kampong Boy and a plate of char kway teow from JackieM (one of my favourite Malaysian restaurants!).

Char kway teow from JackieM

Just wanted to have a little rant here – while we were in line, a lady behind me started having a little bitch about how ugly the food was presented and how it didn’t look appetising etc Really? You’re paying $5 for an entree size dish from what is essentially a market stall. If you wanted 5 star presentation, then please make your way to an actual restaurant and not a market stall.

The busy square

Anyways, that aside, the food was great. Jackie M never fails me 😉 And the chicken wings were a bit messy to eat but they tasted delicious. The chicken was tender and the peanut sauce was yummy. Obviously, my inept ability at describing food is the reason why I’m a beauty blogger and not a food blogger!

Ayam bagus from Kampong Boy

The restaurants were also offering laksa (Oriental Tucker Box), nasi lemak and ais kacang (Ma’Leisia Cafe), lobak and roti canani with curry chicken (Penang Cuisine), otak otak and chicken satay with tumeric rice (Temasek), Malaysian satay and pulut panggang (Albee’s Kitchen Malaysian Delights). Kampong Boy were also selling beef rendang and teh ais limau but alas, we got there too late and I think most things were already sold out by 1pm!

Oh and there will be a Malaysia Festival this Sunday (9th October) at Darling Harbour so come along and have some great food 🙂 For more information, click here.


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  1. Priyanka (@pinks84)
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 10:53:59

    I’m Malaysian too!!!omg if i knew about this festival i would definitely be there, next year for sure:) been missing malaysian food like crazy!!


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