Revlon Top Speed Fashion Show

On Saturday, I was very lucky to be invited to the Revlon Top Speed fashion show along with some other bloggers.

This was my first ‘blogger’ event so you can imagine how excited I was! When I reached the location, I was gobsmacked at the line. It was very long but luckily, we got the awesome ‘VIP’ treatment and got to skip the queue, thanks to Marni and Catherine from Contagious PR.

Make-up artist Elsa Morgan chatting to Cosmopolitan's fashion director Nicole Adolphe

The front row was filled with bloggers and I was lucky to meet some new faces. It’s really good to put faces to blogs hahaha.

I loved the fashion show! It was engaging and professional.

Elsa Morgan was the make-up artist for the fashion show and the looks were:

(All products are Revlon) Gunmetal shade as a wash on the lid from a cream palette. Tonnes of Grow Lushious mascara. Photoready foundation with the foundation finisher to mattify. Press the multi metal onyx eyeshadow shade over the gunmetal cream shadow to intensify the colour. Bold lips – press on the lipstick shade for a matte texture.

She also said to look at your cosmetic products differently and try and have multiple functions for them. For example, I love using lipstick as blush! Or blush as eyeshadow. Elsa believes that a manicure is very important. It’s the final touch. In her opinion, it’s like a woman’s credit card that comes flashing out at the right moment and should change and shift according to your mood and the event.

The prominent theme throughout the fashion show – the colourblocking trend! So much bright colours. And obviously the turbans! I don’t know about those though. I’m so not fashionable and definitely cannot pull off those turbans without looking ridiculous!

Fashion: Seduce and Dotti
Make-up by: Elsa Morgan
Shoes: Siren and Lipstik
Bags: Olga Berg

How long are their legs? They go on forever!

The Revlon Top Speed show was a part of the 30 days of fashion and beauty event which has an assortment of different events held throughout the month all over the country. Head on over and see what events tickle your fancy 🙂

We also got to see the faces of the event – Alyssa Sutherland,  Heidi Harrington-Johnson and Sarah Stephens. They are so pretty. Like, take your breath away pretty.

I also have a handful of swatches of the Revlon Top Speed nail enamels to post! Coming soon 🙂