Fake MAC

Perusing eBay, it’s appalling how much fake MAC there are. There’s more fake than authentic *shakes head*

When I first started getting into MAC, it didn’t even cross my mind that fakes existed but as my passion grew, so did my knowledge base.

MAC doesn’t do 24 piece brush sets so majority of brush sets on eBay – fake.

I know some people are like, “Yeah but it’s cheap. And it’s still make up.” But think again. Do you really know what ingredients your fake make up contains? No.

And stupid sellers who say things like “The buyers will know whether it’s fake or not.” Clearly, not everyone is aware of fake cosmetics! I didn’t when I first started.

Some general rules I go by:
MAC always always has batch numbers and names for their products. Never a number like #002 or something! But some fakes are really good so always make sure to ask for pictures and compare with the real thing or with guides etc.

When contemplating to purchase anything from MAC’s past limited edition collections, CHECK SPECKTRA FOR COLLECTION AND PRODUCT INFORMATION. There’s some sellers on eBay selling MAC Hello Kitty mascaras! WTF? MAC’s Hello Kitty collection never included the mascara!!

Majority of fake cosmetics sellers are based in Hong Kong or China. Avoid.

If it’s too good to be true – it probably is!


So here are some great guides about fake MAC which I’ve found useful 🙂 Hope it helps someone! Also, if you haven’t already, join Specktra.net. They have a great ‘Counterfeit’ sub-forum which actually contains several useful guides on counterfeit make up 🙂

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