Haul: Mineral Eyeshadows

So I picked up a mineral eyeshadow sample random lot which includes Meow Cosmetics, Aromaleigh, Silk Naturals, The She Space and Dream World Minerals for a bargain and well, I’ve been on a low-buy/no-buy for a while now so I thought it was time for a cheap pick-me-up 😀

Swatches will be posted when the sun’s out…:)

Silk Naturals: Bare (according to their website, it’s a dupe of MAC Retrospeck), Silver Lining & Brown Sugar

The She Space: Wisps of Bliss, Hot for Chocolate & Vintage Advantage

Aromaleigh: Solange & Drama Queen Copper

Dreamworld Minerals: Avalon’s Sunset, Megaera, Alecto, Ancient Soil & Merlin’s Wand

And finally, Meow Cosmetics: Catwalk, Prissy, Sex Kitty, Aristocat & Heavy Petting (PS: I love some of their names, lol!)