My First Eyebrow Threading Experience

So..threading. It hurts. I was ready to burst into tears!

Compared with my previous eyebrow lady who tweezes only, threading was a quick and easy process – about 10 minutes compared with 30 minutes. And of course, there is a huge price difference with my usual lady charging $35 whereas this new place charged me $10. Located about 20 minutes (drive) away from my place, I found it much more convenient than catching a train for 40 minutes into the CBD for my usual place.

Anyways, so at this place, Indian Beauty House, I was able to walk in and get my eyebrows threaded without an appointment at about 11.15AM on a Wednesday. The lady who did my eyebrows (I’m guessing she’s the ownder?) was very friendly and was helpful in explaining to me what threading was all about. She made me feel comfortable and did try to lessen the pain for me but I’m such a little wuss lol.

Okay, here are pictures as promised so you guys can judge for yourselves.


My usual eyebrow lady

So in my opinion, for $10, it’s an okay job. I mean, in my eyes, no one will ever do a better job than my usual eyebrow lady but convenience, price and time means that I will be a familiar face at this new place.
For $35, I will probably only head into the CBD for special occasions but for everyday, $10 for eyebrow threading is much easier on the bank account!

Indian Beauty House
9-11 Boomerang Place
Seven Hills NSW 2147

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm