Flirt! Haul part deux

Yes, I admit it. I love make-up. It’s like a freaking addiction. But it’s also like a hobby! So I guess it’s an addictive hobby 😀

I went back to Target (twice!) and hauled some more Flirt! items. The first time I went back, they still had the 50% off items as well as BOGOF. However, the second time I went back, it was just BOGOF 😦 which meant the prices were their original price. Sucky but still better than nothing.

What I ended up getting:
– Heartthrob blush
– blush brush
– Golden Lady eyeshadow
– Bronze Splash eyeshadow
– Chocoholic eyeshadow
– Silver Fog eyeshadow
– Peach Champagne eyeshadow
– Ice Pixie eyeliner
– Tipoff eyeliner

No, I didn’t go overboard at all 😛

I haven’t had a play with them all but ..

I have to say I really love the Ice Pixie eyeliner. It’s this beautiful deep shimmery green – just beautiful.
Also like the other eyeliner I purchased – Tipoff. It’s a nice matte charcoal grey.

The blush brush is ridiculously soft! Feels like cotton balls ♥

So it’s common knowledge that Flirt! (along with other brands) is owned by Estee Lauder. The very same company that owns MAC so it’s no wonder that there are some very similar colours between the two brands (as well as dupes of some MAC in other brands!)
These dupes can be easily found just by using Google but here’s a small list I’ve compiled. I don’t take credit for any these. I just combined the many search results into a smaller list. Easy to find 🙂

Other brands = Flirt!

NARS Albatross highlighting powder= Blondie
MAC Trax eyeshadow = Glamourazzi
Stila Kitten eyeshadow = Peach Champagne
NARS Luster blush = Sweet Desire
NARS Orgasm blush = Heartthrob
MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow = Bronze Splash
MAC Tempting eyeshadow = Golden Lady
MAC Antiqued eyeshadow = Chocoholic
MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow = Feeling Light
MAC Vex eyeshadow = Lime Light
MAC Electra eyeshadow = Silver Fog
MAC Kid eyeshadow = Vanilla Truffle
MAC Paradisco eyeshadow = Feeling Hot
MAC Embark eyeshadow = Coconutty

Wow okay. I didn’t realise the list was that much. I can’t vouch for how similar these really are…maybe except for the NARS Orgasm – Flirt! Heartthrob one. I’ll post swatches in my next post.

Heartthrob – swatched more pigmented than I remember NARS Orgasm being. Nice blush for warm-toned gals 🙂

And the eyeshadows I purchased 😀 As you can see, I love neutrals.

Chocoholic: a reddish brown shade with a hint of metallic to it.

Gold Envy: Warm pale ivory with yellow shimmers shining through. Perfect as a wash of colour over the lids as well as working as a highlighter!

Golden Lady: Purrdy golden taupe-ish in colour. When I swatched it, it had no strange undertones to it. Just awesome butter goldness 😀

Peach Champagne: Another soon-to-be favourite of mine for highlighting. It’s different to Gold Envy in that Gold Envy has a golden sheen to it and Peach Champagne is a more pinkish-peach sheen. Again, I can see this working as a brow bone highlighter as well as a wash over the lids. Versatility at its best 🙂

Silver Fog: Shimmery silver which has just a hint of blue. I can picture this working well with a nice smokey eye.

Bronze Splash: An orange-less undertone makes this shimmery bronze sensational! I love this!!

So I did a lil EOTD with these shadows. I must say that I am utterly impressed by the pigmentation and lasting power of these eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Primer Potion – base
Flirt! Gold Envy eyeshadow – all over wash up to brow bone
Flirt! Golden Lady eyeshadow – lid
Flirt! Bronze Splash eyeshadow – outer corners


Flirt! It Out

I went on a lil adventure today to get my hands on some Flirt! goodies from Target. It sucks that my closest Target doesn’t stock Flirt! There were whispers that Flirt! was going to be discontinued even though it’s relatively new to Australian shores so I desperately wanted to try the brand before it went away for good. The Target I went to had the BOGOF offer as well as 50% off (this also applied to the newly arrived American Beauty and something else – I forgot!) so score! I hauled:

Feather Dust-Her brush (looks like the MAC 187 but it’s not really..)
Sweet Surrender blush
Honey lipstick
Brownie Points eyeliner

Flirt! had cuter names than just plain “blush” or “lipstick” – “Peek-a-Blush” powder cheek colour and “Chickstick” smooth and shiny lipstick respectively 😉

Feather Dust-Her brush – Originally $12, marked down to $6. How can anyone resist? $6 for a make-up brush? What’s there to lose, right? The bristles are quite long and soft making it perfect to apply my pigmented blushes 🙂

Honey lipstick – Ah, the nude lipstick. My current favourite nude lipstick is MAC’s 3N lippie from their N Collection from last year (I think!) Honey is a gorgeous nude with little to no pink tones. It’s rivalling 3N to become my fave! However, it does have the typical lipstick smell. Kinda like crayons, lol.

Brownie Points eyeliner – The packaging of these eyeliners remind me of Urban Decay. However, the length of Flirt’s eyeliners are noticeably shorter. These eyeliners go on smoothly and very pigmented. Brownie Points is a shimmery brown/bronze colour making it suitable for those days when black is just too harsh!

Sweet Surrender blush – I was originally looking for Heartthrob (rumoured to be a dupe for NARS Orgasm) but it was out of stock 😦 so I had a play with the testers and Sweet Surrender caught my eye. It’s a beautiful shimmery pink which would be gorgeous in Winter! The blush compact was a bit confusing to open at first – SLIDE and then FLIP the lid! Also comes with a mini blush brush which is really soft. Normally these brushes are so freaking scratchy I’d throw them away but this brush is surprising soft so I’m gonna keep it, LOL.

So there you have it. My mini Flirt! haul. I might head back to Target and pick up some more goodies!