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Blueberry cheescake? Yummy!


How Was Your Weekend?

Hi everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend 🙂

My weekend was fabulous!

Sushi rolls – Dragon, Volcano and Rainbow

On Saturday night, I headed out to dinner at a Japanese place called Kansai. It was really exciting cos it was probably my second time eating “proper” Japanese food apart from sushi lol! Between the 6 of us, we ordered so much food. We chose to get the all you can eat seeing as it was only $38 per person. We wanted to try everything!

Sashimi bridge (we also got the boat hehe)

It was kinda strange eating raw food at first but then I got used to it 😀 And of course, we tried out the sake as well lol.

After dinner, we headed to Mizuya for some singing. So.Much.Fun!!

After coming home in the early hours of Sunday, the boyfriend and I decided to just chillax. Had lunch at Outback Steakhouse and that was it haha. So that’s a quick recount of my relatively uneventful yet fun weekend 🙂

Swatch: Pupa Luminys Velvety Baked Blush #04

This is Pupa Luminys Velvety Baked Blush in #04. Pupa is an Italian brand and it’s available at Priceline. I think the RRP of this was $20 but I found it in one of their bargain bins for half price.

Theses, like the MAC mineralize skinfinishes and mineralize blushes, are also baked.

Shade #04 is a warm brown infused with coppery veins. Surprisingly, I do not have a blush like this in my collection!

These blushes are really pigmented.

And just randomly, here’s a picture of this really scrumptious pineapple sweet cake my mum got for me 🙂

Can I Have Some More Please?

Those of you who know me in real life would know that I’m as far from a domestic goddess as can be. I have to admit that my parents spoil me. I never had any chores growing up. They weren’t very strict about it. It was kind of like “Hey, the floor’s dirty. Wanna mop it up?” You would also know that I absolutely LOVE my food and eating! Except my parents never made us cook anything growing up. I am hopeless at cooking Asian dishes! But give me a recipe and I can make it, lol. My dad tends to overtake the cooking if he sees me in the kitchen. Maybe he’s preventing me from burning the house down?? Haha.

Anyways, today, my sister and I made some delicious ham and corn bread cases. Yum. It’s such an easy recipe that’s also easy to follow 🙂 Such a great snack to have!