Eyes of the Day – Wet n Wild

I decided to use my Wet n Wild Vanity palette (swatches here) today.

What I used (and a creepy eyeball pic coming right up lol):
Wet n Wild Vanity palette (shimmering beige, gold, bronze, beige, dark brown)


EOTD: Deckchair Corals

Nivea Be Beautiful! tinted moisturiser
NARS Luster blush
MAC Dancing Light loose beauty powder

MAC Deckchair pigment
MAC Melon pigment
MAC Electric Coral pigment
MAC Brule eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Urban Decay Zero 24/7 pencil liner
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara


EOTD: Beach Bronze

I decided to try this combination after coming across it on the web. Pink Bronze didn’t really show up but it did tone down the redness in Coco Beach though.

What I used:
MAC Coco Beach pigment
MAC Pink Bronze pigment
MAC Shroom eyeshadow
..can’t remember if I used a liner or not but if I did, it was either MAC Blacktack fluidline or Urban Decay Zero 24/7 pencil liner.

And one of my favourite lippies – Australis High School Sweetheart lipstick (limited edition). Sloppy application on my behalf – sorry!

Subtle Fields

Work has been killing me 😦 Omg, I took off two weeks (to study for my finals) and I started getting shifts the day after my exams finished. Bleh! But I did make back what I didn’t earn in the two weeks haha 😀 Yay for moolah $$

Day 03 – A picture of what you did today

Well, today, as per usual, I put on my make up as part of my routine to get ready for work 🙂

Btw, that’s NARS Orgasm. My first blush EVER and it’s the only blush in my collection showing pan hehe.

And a bonus EOTD – nothing exciting. We’re supposed to wear ‘natural’ looking make up lol.

MAC Subtle pigment
MAC Magnetic Fields eyeshadow
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow
Clinique Chocolate Lustre creamshaper

MAC Pigment Challenge – Melon and Coco

This matched my peach top I wore today. I didn’t match them on purpose but I didn’t feel like doing a heavy eye today 🙂

Melon, a permanent fixture at MAC, is a beautiful shade of gold/yellow/peach/pink. Do NOT rely on the swatch on MAC’s website because it looks nothing like it does in real life. Their description, “Soft bright golden peach” is probably closer to its real colour than the swatch picture! Depending on the angle, you see more peach, more pink etc It’s a very versatile pigment (nearly as versatile as Vanilla!) as you can use this just as a wash, cheek highlighter, highlighting the inner tear ducts or mixing it with your body lotion for a nice glow.

The most perfect taupe, Coco, was released yonks ago with the D’Bohemia collection back in 2005 and it remains one of the most highly sought after pigments amongst MAC fans 🙂 I love Coco but I’m scared my sample will run out one day 😦 so I usually use its dupe, Subtle 😛

What I used:
Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
MAC Melon pigment – all over lid
MAC Coco pigment – crease
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – highlight
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

MAC Pigment Challenge – Blonde’s Gold

A nice simple one today 🙂

Released with the Overrich collection (2008), Blonde’s Gold has since become a PRO pigment. MAC describes it as a “Light tan with gold and white pearl”. Simply, I see a mix of tan, gold and taupe with a nice glowy shimmer making it perfect as a wash over your lids. Apparently, the textures of the pigments released wih the Overrich collection are more rich and heavier compared to previous pigments MAC has released but I don’t know..I don’t really notice a difference lol. Most of MAC’s pigments are finely milled, glides on velvety-smooth and pigmentation is great 🙂 There’s only a few pigments which I detest due to the texture.

What I used:
MAC Blonde’s Gold pigment – all over lid
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – brow bone highlight
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

EOTD and my first ‘balls’!

I managed to snap a pic of only one of my eotds 😦

This was using the Stila Blanc palette ❤

Also received the infamous Guerlain balls in the mail today 🙂 I grabbed one of the travel exclusive ones. Pretty tiny and cute. So far, I’m not impressed. They’re so freaking sparkly! I can probably sparkle like Edward Cullen if I wore these. And they smell like my mum’s foundation! 😦

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