Look of the Day – Bright Lips

Today was a relaxing day. The boyfriend and I headed to Cabramatta for lunch and then we chilled at home.

Decided to wear MAC Toxic Tale lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection (swatch here). It’s a wearable, bright coral.

The lighting makes it a bit muted than it was in real life.


5 Days Of Nude Lips Round-Up

I really enjoyed doing this series & I think I’ll continue to do them for various items in my collection – it allows me to use a different item everyday.

The 5 Days of Nude Lips series was about showcasing my nude lipsticks. I am a big fan of nude lips especially when they’re paired with a dark, sultry smokey eye.

Day 1, we got to know a permanent member of MAC’s line – Hue.

The coveted MAC 3N made an appearance on day 2 of the series.

At the half-way mark, I changed it up & featured Revlon Soft Nude colorburst lipstick. Definitely a great drugstore gem.

Day 4 of the series saw us back at MAC with The Faerie Glen – gorgeous name, gorgeous nude.

To end the series, I featured MAC Honeylove (a least favourite of mine lol).

Finally – a comparison swatch of the nudes I’ve showcased:

5 Days Of Nude Lips – Day 5

We’re at the end of my 5 Days Of Nude Lips series! Yippee!

To end this series, I’m showing you MAC Honeylove lipstick.

First off. Matte lipsticks are not my favourite formulas! They emphasise every line & flake (see exhibit A!) on your lips so ensure your lips are primed & conditioned to perfection before applying any matte lipsticks.

Honeylove is a peach beige kind of nude and despite being a matte finish, it’s not that drying.

However, it’s not one of my favourite nude lipsticks due to the prep I need to do prior to wearing it. My lips have a mind of their own – some days, they’re nice & smooth. Other days – not so much.

5 Days Of Nude Lips – Day 4

Today we’re back to MAC. This time, it’s The Faerie Glen.

Part of MAC’s A Tartan Tale collection, The Faerie Glen (anyone else loving the name??) is a beige nude. It looks really brown in the tube but when applied, it’s a wearable sheer shade of brown mauve with just a teeny hint of pink. Again, it’s a lustre finish so it’s sheer & moisturising.

Sorry about the goosebumps! It’s so cold here 😦

5 Days Of Nude Lips – Day 2

Today’s nude lips post is starring the ever so lovely, MAC 3N lipstick.

This was released as part of the N Collection a while back. Ever since it disappeared, its gone onto the magical illusive path where makeup mavens everywhere have tried to search for it but with no luck! Some LE items just aren’t that popular & are available even after the collection is off the counter. This isn’t the case with 3N.

…(back on track). 3N is nice milky pink peach nude with a lustre finish. Lustres are one of my favourite finishes because they provide just enough of a sheen without the need for a lip balm or gloss. However, despite the lustre finish, it is nicely pigmented. Very creamy.

5 Days Of Nude Lips – Day 1

To start off this new feature, I’ll be posting about MAC Hue lipstick.

Hue is a creamy pink-nude. Being a glaze finish, it gives a nice subtle sheen. It applies sheerly but this is one of the characteristics of the glaze finish. I like that Hue is sheer because I can have nude lips without it washing me out.

It comes in MAC’s standard packaging – black bullet-shaped packaging & has the signature vanilla scent which I really like though others may disagree 😦

MAC lipsticks retail for $14.50usd/$36.00aud & can be purchased on MAC’s website or at any MAC counter or freestanding store.

MAC Angel lipstick

This is probably one (amongst many others) of MAC’s most talked about lipsticks. I think some of its fame is a result of Kim Kardashian praising it.

Angel is a light pink in MAC’s frost finish. For a frost finish, it’s not particularly frosty. It’s too pink to be a nude lipstick for me but it is a great staple lipstick for everyday as it gives me just a bit of colour without being too in your face.

As with all of MAC’s lipsticks, it is vanilla scented. I love the vanilla scent 🙂

Angel is part of MAC’s permanent collection and retails for $14.50usd/$36.00aud.

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