MAC Pigment Challenge – Old Gold and Gold Stroke

I am so grateful for the abundance of inspiration provided by the beauty bloggers everywhere 🙂 The Lip Print wore Old Gold last week (I think) and it made me want to wear it too hehe

Old Gold (frosted tarnished gold) is one of MAC’s duochrome pigments and depending on the light and angle, it can flash either green, gold or brown. And if you layer it over a coloured base, it’ll bring out one of the shades making it more prominent – eg layering over a black base makes Old Gold more green. Love it! It’s permanent from MAC so go get some 🙂 BTW, the swatch on MAC’s website is WAAAAY off! Wow, they really need to get better swatches lol.

Gold Stroke (mid tone chocolate with red pearl) was one of my first full size pigment purchase from MAC. It was released with the Antiquitease collection and it’s a nice plummy red brown 🙂

What I used:
MAC Old Gold pigment – all over lid
MAC Gold Stroke pigment – outer v
MAC Phloof! e/s – highlight
Flirt! Tipoff eyeliner pencil
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara


MAC Pigment Challenge – Spirtualize, Night Light, Gilded Green and Your Ladyship

Here’s a colour family I rarely wear – greens!

What I used:
Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
MAC Spirituralize pigment – inner lid
MAC Gilded Green pigment – outer lid
MAC Night Light pigment – crease
Urban Decay Covet 24/7 eyeliner pencil
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

I took these at the end of the day so it doesn’t look as good and the colours are all mooshed together cos it was stinking hot here in Sydney today xD

Excuse the crappy skin 😦 I’m breaking out for some reason! I haven’t changed my skincare routine and haven’t introduced anything new to my routine either :(:(

Also, my blog turned one on the 4th and I hit 100 posts!! 🙂 Yay, two milestones!

MAC Pigment Challenge – Silver Fog and Royal Flush

Didn’t really like this look 😦

Royal Flush was released in 2009 with the Colour Forms collection. It’s a cool tomato red in my eyes with MAC describing it a “frosty mid-tone red”.

Silver Fog (“platinum silver”) is a permanent colour available at MAC PRO stores and it’s sometimes released with other collections throughout the year. I love Silver Fog! It’s the most perfect Silver for me 🙂 I also have MAC Silver (metal) pigment but it’s too *silver* for me, haha.

What I used:
Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
MAC Silver Fog pigment – inner corner
MAC Royal Flush pigment – lid and up to crease
MAC Carbon eyeshadow – outer crease
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – highlight
Urban Decay 24/7 eyelienr in Zero
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

MAC Pigment Challenge – Melon and Coco

This matched my peach top I wore today. I didn’t match them on purpose but I didn’t feel like doing a heavy eye today 🙂

Melon, a permanent fixture at MAC, is a beautiful shade of gold/yellow/peach/pink. Do NOT rely on the swatch on MAC’s website because it looks nothing like it does in real life. Their description, “Soft bright golden peach” is probably closer to its real colour than the swatch picture! Depending on the angle, you see more peach, more pink etc It’s a very versatile pigment (nearly as versatile as Vanilla!) as you can use this just as a wash, cheek highlighter, highlighting the inner tear ducts or mixing it with your body lotion for a nice glow.

The most perfect taupe, Coco, was released yonks ago with the D’Bohemia collection back in 2005 and it remains one of the most highly sought after pigments amongst MAC fans 🙂 I love Coco but I’m scared my sample will run out one day 😦 so I usually use its dupe, Subtle 😛

What I used:
Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer
MAC Melon pigment – all over lid
MAC Coco pigment – crease
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – highlight
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

MAC Pigment Challenge – Blonde’s Gold

A nice simple one today 🙂

Released with the Overrich collection (2008), Blonde’s Gold has since become a PRO pigment. MAC describes it as a “Light tan with gold and white pearl”. Simply, I see a mix of tan, gold and taupe with a nice glowy shimmer making it perfect as a wash over your lids. Apparently, the textures of the pigments released wih the Overrich collection are more rich and heavier compared to previous pigments MAC has released but I don’t know..I don’t really notice a difference lol. Most of MAC’s pigments are finely milled, glides on velvety-smooth and pigmentation is great 🙂 There’s only a few pigments which I detest due to the texture.

What I used:
MAC Blonde’s Gold pigment – all over lid
MAC Phloof! eyeshadow – brow bone highlight
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

MAC Pigment Challenge – Sweet Sienna and Vanilla

I thought I’d start off this challenge with one of my favourite pigments of all time – Sweet Sienna 🙂

Sweet Sienna was released with the Antiquitease collection back in 2007. It’s described as a “dirty brown with grey pearl”. It’s one of my favourites cos it’s just a stunning grey with shimmering gold throughout giving it a pretty antique kind of colour.

What I used:

Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer – prime the eyelids
NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil – all over lid
MAC Sweet Sienna pigment – over NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
MAC Saddle eyeshadow – crease
MAC Vanilla pigment – highlight
MAC Carbon eyeshadow – waterline (over MAC Blacktrack fluidline)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline – liner (top & bottom)
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

So, 2 down, a truckload more to go!

Sorry for the craptastic camera phone picture 😦


In an attempt to use the majority of my stash, I’ve decided to set a challenge.

MAC pigments were the first thing I purchased when I first started getting into the brand. As a result, I’ve accumulated a lot of MAC pigment samples as well as a handful of full size MAC pigment jars. However, they rarely see the light of day as I just reach for pressed eyeshadows as they’re easier to use.

Pigment samples

MAC pigments are loose coloured powder with many having a multi-purpose use. I usually just them as eyeshadow cos I’m not too creative 😛 As they’re loose powder, my tip is to pat the colour onto your lids, not sweep as the sweeping motion would cause a lot of fall out as well as sheering out the colour. To save a lot of wastage, I don’t dip my brush into the jar. Instead, I tap my brush onto the inside of the lid 🙂

My full size pigment jars

My challenge is to only use pigments as part of my EOTD until they’ve all been used at least once.
Some will be easy to use such as Vanilla – brow bone highlighter, inner tear duct highlighter etc but some will be a bit difficult for me like Grape, Royal Flush or All Girl.

Let’s see how this goes 😀