September Favourites

MAC Shroom eyeshadow
I used to use Phloof! until Shroom made its way into my make up arsenal and now I can’t stop using it! It gives me this really nice subtle highlight which I really like.

Rock & Republic All Nighter blush
Yeah, bright or what? Used together with a skunk (or stippling or duo-fibre) brush, it gives my tanned skin a nice coral flush – perfect for the upcoming summer weather.

OCC Anime lip tar
Another bright one LOL but ok. I just dab a tiny bit of the lip tar onto my lip brush and just “paint” my lips and I can make it as sheer as I want or as bright and deep as I want.

MAC Ever Hip lipstick
Ok. This isn’t a bright coral on me like I saw on most bloggers. Instead it’s a nudey peach on me. Not complaining but definitely not what I expected. Surprisingly, it has become a staple especially when I like to focus the drama on my eyes or blush instead.


July Favourites


#1 – NARS Luster blush
One of my favourite blushes ever. Luster is a gorgeous peachy apricot shade which imparts the most beautiful glow when applied 🙂 Love it! Thanks to Winter’s dreariness, Luster was/is a welcomed glow!

#2 – MAC Carbon eyeshadow
This is an actual staple product of mine. Pairing this with my favourite #4 this month means my eyeliner stays put! Carbon is also great in smoking out any looks – just add it to the outer v and voila! instant smokey eyes.

#3 – Bobbi Brown Rose Petal tinted lip balm
Still in the midst of Winter means that I avoid getting up early in the mornings to get ready because my warm bed is much more inviting. However, I do have to get ready though and put my slap on so with Bobbi Brown’s tinted lip balm, it means that it’s a quick and easy process because this pretty shade of rosy red brightens up my face and I honestly don’t look like I just rolled out of bed haha.

#4 – Urban Decay Zero 24/7 glide-on eye pencil
Easy to apply and when I set it with a matte black eyeshadow, it stays on for.ever.

#5 – MAC Girl About Town lipstick
I’ve been getting lazy *see point under #3* and I’ve moved from spending time on my eyes to just wearing brighter lip colours. Less time and yet still made up. Score! Girl About Town is a fuchsia pink and it wears very well. Leaves a nice stain behind 🙂

June Favourites

Wow, we’re more than half way through the year! Time flies.

#1 Revlon Soft Rose Colorburst lipstick
A supposed dupe of my beloved NARS Dolce Vita lipstick (swatches in my next post, promise!) but I’m not too sure. Nonetheless, I still love it just as much as Dolce Vita. Soft Rose gives my lips a nice soft rosy red and I can get away with just wearing this lipstick 😛

#2 MAC Instant Chic blush
Nice muted coral which doesn’t scream “Look at me. I’m such an obvious coral” LOL. I like this!

#3 MAC Melon pigment
Melong makes me yearn for the days of summer with its gold peach shade. My favourite look for summer is this paired with MAC Hipness (or my new fav, Instant Chic) for instant summer chic! So when I miss summer, that’s what I do 😀

#4 MAC Perfect Topping mineralized skinfinish
I have a slight obsession with cheek highlighters especially powder ones and this is no exception to that.

#5 Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
Makes my lashes stay curled and gives it some needed length. What’s not to like?

May Favourites

Time for another round of my top five in May 🙂

Australis High School Sweetheart lipstick
This was limited edition with their 21st birthdday collection. Great MLBB colour and I picked it up for like less than $5! What a great surprise this lipstick purchase was. Their Moisture Intense lipsticks also gets some awesome reviews. Check it out at Priceline, Target, Big W etc 🙂

Tarte Park Avenue Princess mineral bronzer
I *hate* looking pale even though I’m like NC30 when it’s Winter and NC35-40 when it’s Summer. Still tanned but a bit too pale for my liking. And that deathly look in Winter – bleh! This bronzer is tha shit (from my POV anyways). *Tiny* particles of shimmer, doesn’t make me look like one of Charlie’s oompa loompas and isn’t muddy looking? Win.

MAC Gaily slimshine
I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to corals be it blush or lipstick. Great for my lazy days as it really does make me look a bit more polished than the whole “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed” look. Being a slimshine means a great glossy texture and gliding on smoothly.

MAC Cash Flow paint pot
Thanks to the ever increasing late nights and early mornings, this antique gold paint pot is a lifesaver. The shimmers make it appear sorta multi-dimensional on my lids and I usually just put MAC Wedge eyeshadow in the crease with MAC Brule as a highlight and off I go 🙂 Brightens up my eyes very well *and* great staying power!

Mentholatum Sunplay Skincare UV Moisture Milk SPF 50 PA+++
Um yeah, I just copied its proper name from the Sasa website. This is my first facial sunscreen (a bit OT but I was going to get the Shiseido one and then I heard they changed the formula and that the new formula sucked so I looked for an alternative and this is it) and I am so glad I didn’t need to trial so many sunscreens before finding the one 🙂 It seriously looks like milk when it comes out of the bottle but it dries matte. One of my biggest fears when trialling facial products – breakouts! I don’t want pimple city taking place on my face and this sunscreen hasn’t broken me out yet.

Even though we’re getting closer to Winter, it’s still recommended you wear sunscreen 🙂

PS. I’m trying a new image host so apologies if my images show up weird or whatever.

April Favourites

#1 Chapstick – Such an essential in my make-up bag especially now that we’re nearing Winter! keeps my lips moisturised and chap free. This one smells like strawberries – yum.

#2 MAC Brule eyeshadow – Wow, how did I ever live without a matte brow bone highlighter? So perfect for my shimmery lid looks hehe.

#3 MAC Smut eyeshadow – LOL, the name makes me giggle cos I’m a loser. Name aside, it is a complex colour which is so awesome to use to smoke out any look. Carbon is too harsh sometimes so I just alternate between Smut and Carbon for my smokey looks.

#4 NARS Deep Throat blush – After swatching this for a request, I thought that maybe I should start using it again. Anyone who’s NC30-40, RUN and get this 🙂 It gives you a really nice flushed look.

#5 Jane Blushing Petal blush– Apparently, this is a dupe of a MAC blush but I cannot be bothered looking it up right now..Matte-ish and glowy. I like using it on my off-days 😛

March Favourites

# 1 – MAC Ripe Peach blush ombre
Too easy. This should not come as a surprise 😛 Great blush that I love using to brighten up my face.

#2 – MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick
Quickly reaching HG status. The perfect coral lipstick in a lustre finish, it’s nice to apply without looking too over done for everyday. Plus, 100% of the purchase price goes to MAC’s Aids Fund – good cause for a great lippie colour!

#3 – Korres Quince lip butter
I’ve prepared a review for Korres’ lip butters and it’s going to be posted soon but just quickly – LOVE this! It’s a tinted lip balm which is really moisturising. Quince is a rosy subtle pink and smells delicious – like berries or something. I’ve been using this as often as I can remember to apply make up before rushing out the door for uni.

#4 – MAC Phloof! eyeshadow
Hello, perfect brow bone highlighter. Even though it’s a frost finish and can tend to look frosty when you’ve gone a bit brush happy, it applies perfectly with the MAC #217 brush – the right amount of pigment is picked up and highlights the brow bone without looking too frosty. Works great as an inner tear duct highlighter too 😉

#5 – theBalm Hot Mama blush/shadow
I absolutely love versatile products and this is one of them. It’s really similar to NARS Orgasm but is much more pigmented. Hot Mama has enough shimmer in it so you don’t need to break out the blush highlighter.

January Favourites

#1 Pixi Eye Bright Kit – no.2
This is my first concealer ever :)! I purchased this a while ago but was a bit confused as to how I would use it. Then I had two marks from pimples near my lips so I cracked open the concealer and used it for the first time on my sister’s 18th birthday.

It comes in a cute round green container with four different shades to conceal/correct – 2 cover up shades, one eye brightener shade and one highlighter shade. I can only offer my opinion on the cover up shade which has a pink hue to it. It may be sheer for some but I find that it provides the right coverage for me 🙂 The consistency is not too cakey even though it’s a cream.

#2 NARS Albatross highlighting powder
Such a boring white powder in the compact but it gives me the most beautiful glow ever! I’m glad I forked out the money for this lil beauty.

#3 MAC Blonde’s Gold pigment
Thanks to my pigment challenge, I got the chance to rediscover an old fav of mine! This is so gorgeous. And it makes me mornings easier as I can just do a wash of this pigment and it’ll make me look pretty enough for the day 😛

#4 NYX Tea Rose round lipstick
Who would’ve thought that a <$5 lipstick would become one of my HGs? Thanks to beauty bloggers around the world, I have come to love NYX for its great range and awesome products which cost less than my lunch! Tea Rose gives me a nice pink, dusty kinda mauve tint without making me look too done up.

#5 MAC Secret beauty powder blush
MAC’s beauty powder blushes have such a smooth finely milled texture with just enough pigmentation making your cheeks look nice, natural and glowy. I’ve had this lying around in my stash for over a year now but only recently have I started using it!