China Glaze Fortune Teller

This was released as part of China Glaze’s Halloween collection two (??) years back, available exclusively at Sally’s Beauty stores around the US. Ever since then it has become this elusive nail polish. I was lucky enough to find this on eBay for under $10! 🙂

Natural light

Fortune Teller is a black base with copper glitter polish. The glitter is pretty awesome. I’m usually not a fan of glitter polishes as they’re so bothersome to remove but the glitter just makes the removal process worth it. The glitter in Fortune Teller isn’t just one shape and size – there’s three different ones! Small and medium round glitters and big hexagon glitters.

Natural light

In regards to the glitter, I don’t find them to be that chunky but you can sorta feel them on your nails. However, this is something that a great top coat can fix – Seche Vite to the rescue 🙂


China Glaze QT

After the disaster previously, I decided to go with China Glaze QT, another one from their OMG collection. I love QT. It’s a mix of berry & fuchsia with stunning subtle holo 🙂

No sheerness, no gluggyness. Application was a dream. Went on smoothly & covered well.

Two coats topped with Seche Vite quick drying top coat.

China Glaze OMG

I need to find some more of these China Glaze holos!

This one was a bit streaky upon application. I probably could have done with 3 coats but I’m so impatient so I made do with 2 coats. OMG dried pretty quickly too.

I read that these are better when applied with no base & top coat. This was with no base coat but I did use the Seche Vite top coat because I’m a klutz when it comes to nail polishes drying. I always tend to smudge them or ruin them beyond repair before they’re dried.

China Glaze TMI

On the weekend, I stopped by a nail supply store and walked out with three China Glaze polishes – TMI, OMG and Branding Iron.

So yesterday, I decided to paint (well, my mum did) my nails with TMI. I am LOVING this holo!

Look at that holo, baby!

It doesn’t look like anything special in the shade…

But then in the sun – BAM!

China Glaze On the Prowl

The usual one base coat, two coats of the polish and one top coat. Love this colour! But it doesn’t dry properly 😦

NOTHS (Nails of the Holiday Season :P )

The Lip Print inspired me to wear China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the Christmas festivities 🙂 It’s such a pretty colour. Red with red glitter which aren’t chunky!

This was prior to cleaning it up etc haha 😀

China Glaze For Audrey

Love love LOVE this colour! My mum hates it LOL

Does the colour remind you of something? Perhaps … THIS?

For Audrey bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Tiffany blue’ 🙂 Gorgeous colour for summer!

Weather’s been stinking hot here in Sydney so no FOTDs to post cos I’ve been lazy!