Face of Australia – Iron Ore Molten Metallics

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

The lucky last polish from my previous Face of Australia polish haul. I haven’t had the chance to bring out my polishes to play due to work but seeing as I have this week off, I thought I should finish swatching the Face of Australia Molten Metallics polishes 🙂

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

So..Iron Ore has a black base with bits of rainbow shimmer throughout. It’s a nice alternative to the usual flat black polishes.

I did my usual 2 coats but this is without a top coat. Without a top coat, it’s a bit flat. Not too matte but it isn’t shiny either. It applied ok. Not as bad as troublesome as White Gold was but not as perfect as Flaming Lava. Somewhere in between.

Natural light


Face of Australia – Flaming Lava Molten Metallics

Face of Australia Flaming Lava molten metallics nail polish

How gorgeous is this red? It’s got definite holy grail potential.

Unlike White Gold, Flaming Lava was a dream to apply. Smooth & nearly opaque in one coat.

Flaming Lava is a jewel ruby red shade with gold shimmer. So beautiful.

Artificial light

Natural light

Natural light

Face of Australia – White Gold Molten Metallics


White Gold is a stunning frosty champagne shade. Unfortunately, the application let this beautiful shade down. It was thick, streaky and balled up on my nails. From far away, my nails look alright lol but close up, it’s Streakytown!

Scrumptious melted metal

I like the idea of these Molten Metallics – looks like liquid metal on my fingernails.

Artificial light

Natural light

Face of Australia – Molten Metallics

Last week, I took advantage of Priceline’s beauty sale. After seeing that many beauty bloggers raved about Face of Australia’s Molten Metallics nail polish, these were high on the want list.

Priceline is/was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on some brands which included Face of Australia.

After umm-ing and aah-ing over which 3 shades to get, I finally decided on: Iron Ore, Flaming Lava and White Gold.

Iron Ore, Flaming Lava, White Gold

Where to buy
These are available from Priceline, K-Mart, Target, Big W etc for the bargain price of $4.95!