Review – Sportsgirl French Kiss Lighten Up lip gloss

I know I’m a bit slow here but on Saturday, my cousin pulled out a lipgloss and it was one of those lipglosses which lights up. Me being me, was fascinated and intrigued by it so what did I do? I asked her for the brand and the next day, went to purchase one for myself 😀

The lipglosses are cutely named ‘Lighten Up’ and retail for $9.95AUD at Sportsgirl stores.

Overall rating: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Packaging quality: 4/5
Would I buy this again? Yes.

WHAT IS IT? A high shine lipgloss by Sportsgirl.
HOW DO YOU USE IT? It’s just your typical doe foot applicator lipglosses. Easy to use.
WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? It’s approximately 10.5cm long and 2cm wide. The tube is like a rectangular prism. The lid, which the applicator is connected to, is a chrome silver. On the side of the lipgloss tube is a strip of the same chrome silver which I assume is to aid you in applying the lipgloss – its purpose being a mirror. When you twist open the lid it lights up with the help of two little spotlight-like lights from under the lid which are placed on opposite corners to each other.
TEXTURE AND/OR SMELL: Not too thick or sticky. Smells like caramel mixed with a bit of coffee beans.
MY OPINION: For the price you’re paying, the quality isn’t too bad. The one I purchased, French Kiss, smells delicious! It doesn’t smell like cheap plastic which is often the case when purchasing lip products from clothing chainstores branching into cosmetics. Applying is easy and it is really pigmented so I only need to apply a little bit at a time. The doe foot applicator is my preference when it comes to lipglosses so this is a big plus for me. French Kiss is a beautiful dusty rose shade which works well for everyday wear. It also comes in other shades: Strawberry, Shell and Watermelon. I’m not sure if these will have the same scents as French Kiss though!

Yes, I was a bit excited about the mirror 😛
The awesome light up feature.
Sorry for the dodgy swatch. The one without flash is pretty much true to life.