Orly Wandering Vine

Orly Wandering Vine

This is my first experience with Orly nail polish and Wandering Vine is lovely. It’s a lovely lush dark green. Very “vine”-ish lol. It applied evenly with no problems at all. I loved the finish. Even without Seche Vite, it dried to a very shiny finish.

Orly Wandering Vine - natural light

Per usual, this is two coats with Seche Vite on top. I really like the lid and how it’s grippy! I learnt that this was because the guy who started Orly wanted to design a bottle where you can open it with one hand. So handy when applying polish 🙂 (I learnt this tidbit of information from paticipating in the ABBW and on Saturday night, my table had to privilege of two Orly ladies sitting at our table. PS Stay tuned for some posts on the ABBW!)

Orly Wandering Vine - natural light


Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani 401

I can feel my wallet just quivering. I have slowly started branching out into the high-end of the cosmetics world and it ain’t pretty (for my wallet anyways).

I got my grubby hands on a Giorgio Armani lipstick in the shade 401 which is an orange-red as seen here on Rihanna.

First, let’s talk about the packaging. Sleek, black and shiny. It fits nicely into your hand. The cap clicks into place thanks to a magnet somewhere inside the casing. And it’s very sturdy. So it’d be great for a night out as you can throw it into your make up bag and not have to worry about the lid falling off.

There’s an engraved GA on the lipstick bullet and where the cap meets the tube. Lovely. I love little details like these. Makes buying high-end cosmetics a bit more luxurious lol.

Now, application. Wow, as the word ‘satin’ on the box suggests, it glides on with no tugging. The first swipe gave so much colour. I did another layer because I applied this straight from the tube so I wanted it to be even. It didn’t feel heavy at all on my lips. Very lightweight and creamy. It’s marketed as a long-lasting lipstick and it’s definitely a stayer. Wear time is on average four to five hours for me and this is through eating and drinking. As with most, if not all, red lipsticks, it leaves a nice pretty red stain 🙂

The shape of the lipstick allowed for a pretty precise application straight from the tube. For ‘real life’ purposes, I’d probably play it safe and use a lip brush to apply it but for swatching purposes, I just applied it from the tube and had no trouble at all.

And yes, swatch pic for you all. I don’t do the best swatches but I find swatches so helpful and so…here you go.

These retail for $30USD (I couldn’t find an Australian retail price for these lipsticks. If you know it, please let me know and I can update the post) and contain 4g/0.14oz of product.

OPI DS Original

I’ve only got two OPI DS polishes in my stash and I love them both SO much!

OPI DS Original

Seeing as Spring has definitely arrived, I thought I’d pull out the holographic polishes and have a play.

DS Original is a lavendar pink with a scattered holographic effect. I did two coats thought it could probably have been better with three but I’m so lazy.  As always, due to me being clumsy, I always top it off with Seche Vite before I go and ruin another mani.

It applied easily with no problems at all and dried pretty fast too.

It was really difficult to capture the really pretty holographic effect so you’ll just have to take my word for it – party on your nails!

OPI DS Original - Natural light

Revlon Top Speed nail enamels

As part of the 30 days of beauty and fashion, I was invited to the Revlon Top Speed fashion show (read about my experience here). I was also sent an awesome hype pack including five out of the 32 available shades from the Top Speed collection. I also got an additional shade as part of the goodie bag 🙂

These polishes from Revlon have a quick drying top coat which allows the polish to set in 60 seconds. Yeah. SIXTY. FREAKING. SECONDS.

First, I’ll start off with the shade swatches and then I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Jelly 210 (one coat)

Jelly 210

Jelly 210

Royal 730 (one coat)

Royal 730

Royal 730

Electric 305 (two coats)

Electric 305

Electric 305

Sheer Cotton 010 (two coats)

Sheer Cotton 010

Sheer Cotton 010

Chili 430 (one coat)

Chili 430

Chili 430

Violet (one coat)

Violet 670

Violet 670

Bar Electric and Sheer Cotton, these were swatched with just one coat per the instructions. Most of these you could probably get away with just one coat. These were swatched in artificial light.

I got so many comments over the two days that I wore Electric! 🙂

– The polishes did try in 60 seconds.

– Without a top coat, the polishes chipped within 24 hours 😦 However, with Electric, I topped it with Seche Vite top coat which did extend the life for abonut 2 days.

– Most of these dried to a satin finish. Royal dried as a matte. Pretty awesome. Chili is quite obviously a jelly 😀

– With these fast drying polishes, you have to work fast. The brushes make it pretty easy for you to do the typical 3 quick strokes with little to no mistakes at all.

– I think these are great for those days where you suddenly realise you need to paint your nails but don’t have the time to do the whole she-bang. Great for parties 😉 These polishes make it so easy to change colours every day.

– If you don’t apply a top coat, they are quite easy to remove. I used my current nail polish remover on a cotton bud and only needed ~2 swipes and all the polish was gone.

Flormar Supershine Perfect Polish #04

FLormar Supershine Perfect Polish #04 and #09

I picked this up about a month ago when I was having lunch with the wonderful Ailing.

#04 is a pink-peach-coral. Sorry, I suck at describing shades apart from the basics lol. It’s got a nice shot of gold shimmer throughout which I really like. It’s not too in your face!

Natural light

Please don’t mind my dry cuticles. This was before I started using the Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter haha (yes, there is a huge backlog of posts to be written!)

Natural light

Application was smooth and easy. Nothing to complain about here. 2 coats and then Seche Vite on top for extra shine!

Ulta3 – Twilight Fever

Ulta3 Twilight Fever

Now THIS is what I call an amazing dupe. This is a fantastic dupe of Chanel Paradoxal at a fraction of the price tag. Check out Carina’s swatches here to see just how close of a match it is.

Ulta3 - Twilight Fever in natural light

Twilight Fever was perfect in two coats and topped with Seche Vite Top Coat. I love this shade. In the shade, it’s a brown base with just a hint of purple but in the sunlight – BAM! The purple just shines through.

Ulta3 Twilight Fever in natural light

I love a great bargain and the Ulta3 nail polishes definitely tick all the right boxes – cheap, great colour selection and great quality. The colour ranges do differ from place to place. I always find them in a bin lol and you just got to sort through the bin to find the nice shades. I found this at my local ChemistWorks so have a quick peek at your local chemists!

Face of Australia – Iron Ore Molten Metallics

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

The lucky last polish from my previous Face of Australia polish haul. I haven’t had the chance to bring out my polishes to play due to work but seeing as I have this week off, I thought I should finish swatching the Face of Australia Molten Metallics polishes 🙂

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

So..Iron Ore has a black base with bits of rainbow shimmer throughout. It’s a nice alternative to the usual flat black polishes.

I did my usual 2 coats but this is without a top coat. Without a top coat, it’s a bit flat. Not too matte but it isn’t shiny either. It applied ok. Not as bad as troublesome as White Gold was but not as perfect as Flaming Lava. Somewhere in between.

Natural light

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