Black Shadows

Quick swatch comparison between Urban Decay Zero deluxe eyeshadow and MAC Carbon eyeshadow. The latter is a matte black while the former is a shimmery black.

Both are permanently available 🙂 Just a quick side note, I absolutely love Urban Decay’s deluxe shadows box and this will be featured in an upcoming palette challenge for myself as I don’t reach for it often enough!

Natural light



Swatches: MAC Stray Grey paint pot and Urban Decay Vert eyeshadow

Some quick and dirty swatches of some more new goodies, lol. It’s never ending!

MAC Stray Grey paint pot described as a grey mauve by MAC. It was released a few years ago with the Novel Twist collection and yet it’s stayed soo creamy. I love MAC paint pots as bases or even just using them by themselves.

I suck at describing colours but to me it’s kind of a rosy lilac with some grey in there. As always, without flash followed by with flash.


Also received Urban Decay Vert eyeshadow which is, in the words of Urban Decay, a “vibrant jade”. I don’t know .. it’s quite sheer when applied without as a base as you can see. It doesn’t have much glitter or shimmer but more of a gold sheen. Maybe it’ll be more vibrant 🙂 My favourite finish of the Urban Decay eyeshadows would be the deluxe ones which are quite comparable to MAC’s veluxe pearl finishes IMO. Alas, Vert is not one of the deluxe ones – it’s just Urban Decay’s normal eyeshadow categorised under shimmer 🙂 You gotta be careful though cos some of Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are seriusly just chunky glitter – like Midnight Cowboys Ride Again 😦 Yuck!

There’s two pictures without flash cos it was hard to capture such a sheer colour lol.


And I leave you all with a picture of the yummiest smellin lipgloss – Essence of Beauty Vanilla Cupcake lip frosting. Mmmmmm, yum!