Wishlist Tuesday

Wow, Tuesdays sure come around fast!

Hmm, racking my brain for some beauty-related wishlist items 😛

MAC Intriguing Scarlet palette –
Beautiful neutral palette with the surprise shades of a burgandy and forest green. It’s a bit late – I know – seeing as it was released with MAC’s holiday collection but better late than never hehe. The packaging is a bit flimsy and cheap feeling but it’s the colours that I want – right? There’s a few limited edition shades too which is a surprise since it seems like recently all MAC does is repromote colours from either their permanent collections or from past collections.

Also on my wishlist is MAC Pearlglide eyeliner in Wolf –

Seems as though I only want something when it’s gone! Another LE item from MAC. The colour looks divine in the swatches I’ve seen 🙂

It’s a MAC theme this week. Anything on your wishlist?


Wishlist Tuesday

Once again, Tuesday’s upon us which means 3 more days til Friday. Also means WISHLIST TUESDAY 🙂

Here are 2 other products which have found their way onto my wishlist…

Stila Malibu Doll Can (LE) – $89 (at Mecca)
Now, I’m not too sure about the blue eyeshadow there but it does look good!

YSL Rouge Volupte – $55 (at David Jones or Myer)

Love #7, #11 and possibly #18 😛 Doesn’t help that the lipstick casing looks absolutely gorgeous and luxurious 😀

Wishlist Tuesday

Being a sheep here and also doing a wishlist Tuesday like The Lip Print 🙂 I’m assuming it’s a beauty wishlist since her blog is a beauty blog and all 😛

MAC Popster tinted lip conditioner (from the Hello Kitty collection)

Stila The Precious Pearl Eye Shadow palette

Doesn’t the palette look gorgeous?! Oh and the swatches look so pwetty ♥ So pigmented and lovely *drools*