Disclosure& PR Policies

  • Beauty Snippets is a personal blog written and edited by me.
  • Images published on Beauty Snippets with the Beauty Snippets watermark & all content is protected by copyright. Where an image is used that is not copyrighted by Beauty Snippets, there will be a credit to the original source within the blog post.
  • In regards to photo editing, Beauty Snippets does not alter images in any way affecting the final result. Beauty Snippets do alter the white balance & colour levels to ensure that the colours conveyed in the image/s are as true to life as possible.
  • I do not accept any forms of cash advertising, sponsorship or any other forms of paid compensation.
  • The views and opinions expressed on Beauty Snippets are purely mine.
  • Beauty Snippets does not guarantee that any product/s recommended on Beauty Snippets will work for you as it does for me nor do I guarantee that you will experience the same results as I do. Products react differently on different people. When you are considering a product, please consider not just my recommendations but also yor skin type, skin tone, your own opinion etc before making the final decision to purchase.
  • If you are a PR representative and would like me to review a product, please contact me on beautysnippets@gmail.com. Please note: I cannot guarantee that I will blog about the product sent to me or reviewed favourably. Products are sent to be on the basis of consideration only. I will disclose in the blog post if a product was sent to me by a PR representative.

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