Boost Your Dry Lips With These Bloom x Boost Lip Balms

Boost and Bloom – 2 iconic Aussie brands have joined forces to create 6 lip balms which are representative of Boost’s popular drinks – Tropical Storm, Mango Tango, Strawberry Squeeze,  Berry Bang, Banana Buzz and Watermelon Crush.

First of all – they smell amazing! Like Lip Smackers but for adults. They all smell different depending on which flavour you got & they smell ‘real’. None of those fake fruit smells lol.

Anyways, after hearing about these, I dragged myself to Myer (Parramatta, NSW) and found myself at the Bloom stand where these were. Unfortunately, apart from the 2 I purchased, each and every Bloom x Boost lip balm had been opened already and I did not want to purchase something which had been opened previously just in case. Since then, I have been on the look out for the other flavours but can’t seem to find them. If anyone sees any unopened Strawberry Squeeze, Berry Bang, Banana Buzz and Watermelon Crush, please let me know!! Would really appreciate it as I only was able to get Tropical Storm and Mango Tango.

What I love about these lip balms, apart from their sweet fruity scent, is that they don’t come in your typical round cylindrical packaging. Instead they’re like an oval shape which is the perfect shape. Other lip balm companies – TAKE NOTE.

Bloom x Boost lip balms

These lip balms are very moisturising thanks to ingredients such as jojoba oil and beeswax. Also, they don’t feel ‘that’ waxy. Like, you know it’s there without it actually ‘being there’. I don’t even know if that makes sense or not!

These wonderful lip balms are available from selected Myer and David Jones stores as well as some Boost Juice Bars and of course, Bloom’s Flagship Store (in Melb!). These retail for $6.95 which is a BARGAIN but there’s an offer for 2 for $10 (til end of July) if you sign up on Bloom’s website (click here).