Flormar Haul

I’ve walked past the Flormar stand a couple of times prior to my haul but I never thought anything of it – “Pfft, just another crappy makeup stand.” But I digress after hearing about Lilit’s experience with them. She purchased some goodies, in the name of beauty blogging research & the conclusion was that they are freaking awesome. Great price & great quality. Love it.

Flormar Professional Make-Up

For more information about Flormar, click here. Generally, it’s a Turkish brand with attractive prices & even better quality.

Anyways, the Flormar Professional Make-Up (as it’s formally known as) stand is JAM PACKED with everything from foundations to nail polishes. They have an amazing range. None of that “only available in 2 shades” rubbish. I was so overwhelmed by the choices for the lipsticks & nail polishes that I settled for my safe bet – blushes! Not that I needed any more blushes but “it’s for the blog!!”

One thing sucky about the naming of their makeup? Numbers. I don’t do well with remembering numbers & associating them with their rightful owners but I do well with names – I don’t know why but I do. I can remember the names of every single one of my MAC shadows & tell you what kind of colour they are but numbers? Nup. No can do.

The packaging is simple white & feels quite sturdy. I like that they with the protective seals so you know it hasn’t been defiled by someone else’s dirty hands.


Moving on, the two blushes I purchased from Flormar were:

Blush-on in 91 ($9.99)

Flormar blush-on in 91

It comes with a cute lil brush (that I’d probably never use) & the compact has a mirror!

This is  a pretty pink-peachy-coral shade. As if I needed any more of that shade family but it was just so pretty…

Flormar blush-on in 91

Flormar blush-on in 91 - ingredients, batch code & expiry date.

Terracotta blush-on in 46 ($14.99)

Terracotta blush-on in 46

First off – how similar does this look to MAC’s famous mineralize skinfinishes? Secondly, this is freaking orange. Like bright orange. But I got it because it looked amazing in Lilit’s FOTD post once it was all blended out. PS I saw one that was pretty similar to MAC Light Flush or Petticoat MSF! Must get myself to the stand again & do a swatch comparison.

Terracotta blush-on in 46

Again, these, like the blush-ons, comes with a mirror too but these terracotta ones don’t include a brush.

Terracotta blush-on in 46 - ingredients, batch code & expiry date.

Sydney readers, head over to Lilit’s blog post here & grab yourself a 10% code (expires at the end of this month) & go get your grubby hands on these amazing cheap cosmetics 🙂