What’s Your Daily Routine?

Today’s post will be me sharing with you my daily make-up routine (it’s a tag that’s been hovering around cyberspace for a while apparently lol). I love reading posts about these as it’s so interesting to see what others do on a daily basis 🙂

I start off by washing my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and follow up by moisturising with Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion. Both have worked great for me for ages so I haven’t changed this part of my routine for a couple of years. I don’t use a toner or exfoliator at all.

I let the moisturiser set for about five minutes or so. During this time, I brush my hair if I remember haha.

Sunscreen coming right up. I then apply Mentholatum Sunplay Skincare Moisture Milk SPF PA+++ and then my tinted moisturiser, Nivea Be Beautiful! tinted moisturiser goes on top. Supposedly, this tinted moisturiser adapts to your skintone but reviews says nope, it doesn’t do that! But this shade works fine for me so why fix what’s not broken? 🙂

Finally. Some colour. My favourite blush for everyday is theBalm Hot Mama blush/shadow because not only is it a nice suitable everyday colour but the golden sheen in it means I save a couple of seconds cos it does the highlighting for me as well.

My lips are coloured with Bobbi Brown Rose Petal tinted lip balm. Nice for a rosy shade on my lips ♥ and when it disappears, it still leaves a nice stain on my lips.

As for them eyes, I do a quick wash of MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow and then curl my lashes with my wonderful Shiseido eyelash curler.