Chilli Jam Thai Restaurant – Parramatta

On Tuesday night, the boy & I headed out to dinner at Chilli Jam Thai Restaurant.

I chose this place simply because when I had a skim of their menu, I saw that they offered roti! I was so surprised & intrigued as I’ve only ever had the roti served at Malaysian & Indian restaurants.

When we arrived at 6pm, it was not busy at all. They had an outside seating area as well as inside. We opted to sit inside as it was quite chilly outside.

We were greeted & promptly seated. Menus handed to us & we were left alone so we could choose what we wanted to eat.

Once the boy & I had (finally!) decided on what we wanted, we flagged down a waitress who took our order. She re-read our order to make sure everything was correct but she did so very quickly! We had trouble double checking our order because she read out our order in one breath!

Our meals came out very quickly. However, I felt very rushed as I was eating because every few minutes, I would be interrupted by a waitress asking me if I was finished!

For entrees, we ordered satay chicken & the prawn tom yum. The standout for me was the prawn tom yum. Absolutely perfect balance between sweet & sour.

Satay chicken (4 skewers) $6.90 (well-known, grilled marinated chicken breast on skewer, served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish)
Tom yum goong soup (entree) $8.90 (most popular, prawns served in spicy-sour Thai soup flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal)

I went for the chicken pad thai (as usual) whilst my boyfriend decided to try out the BBQ chicken with sticky rice.

First, the pad thai – I like my pad thai noodles to be thick but they used the vermicelli kind of noodles. The tofus were the tiny cube ones as opposed to the larger square ones. It tasted ok. Not too bad.

Chicken pad thai $15.90 (a traditional Thai dish of fried thin rice noodle stirred with bean sprouts, shallots, diced tofu, crushed peanut)

I’m not a fan of sticky rice so I can’t comment on that portion of the meal but the bbq chicken was delicious. Nice & succulent & not dry at all.

BBQ chicken with sticky rice $15.90 (Thai-style grilled marinated chicken served with steamed sticky rice & chilli dip)

We also tried out their roti & it was not what I was used to at all. Very oily & crunchy. Not light, airy & soft at all. Definitely never going to order that again.

Roti $3.50

For drinks, we just had orange juice which was straight from those Mildura/Daily Fresh bottles.

Orange juice $3.50

One thing I really like about restaurant menus – pictures! I like *seeing* what I’m going to get. I’m pretty much a visual person so I need to see. I can’t just picture things in my head from reading descriptions.

Overall, the food was ok with the tom yum being the best dish of the night. Service, I can’t fault apart from the constant “Are you finished?” questions.

Chilli Jam
325 Church St
Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9687 3300

*all dish descriptions taken from their menu available from their website*