Review: QV Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently, I was given the opportunity to trial QV’s newest additions to their skincare line – a new shampoo & conditioner.

I have been using them exclusively for the past 2 weeks & have thus formed an opinion 😛

First off, let me start by outlining my usual hair routine & what my hair is really like. I have long black/brown hair that’s not too straight nor too wavy. It’s somewhere in between. I have very dry ends in addition to split ends! I don’t wash my hair everyday but more so every other day. In regards to my scalp, I do have dermatitis so this has lead me to using a special shampoo by Neutrogena in order to keep it at bay. So of course when the opportunity to test QV’s latest offerings arose, I jumped at the chance.

The QV shampoo & conditioner are formulated to be pH balanced & free from known irritants such as soap, fragrance & lanolin. This mkaes it perfect for those with sensitive skin & scalp to use everyday.

QV Gentle Shampoo ($9.95AUD/200ml)

This is touted as being a gentle shampoo that cleanses the hair whilst hydrating your scalp. I have quite the sensitive nose so I pick up on scents easily (LOL) so as soon as I squeezed some shampoo out from the bottle & lathered it, I instantly recognised the scent – I can’t describe it other than the fact it had that similar scent to QV’s body lotions & creams – kinda like Sorbelene – milky but not overpowering.

I usually do a lather, rinse, repeat routine with my shampoos. I read the instructions on the back which says I can repeat if desired. So, I did repeat as the first wash didn’t feel like it was clean.

It’s a cloudy milky looking liquid with a formula that isn’t too thick which was nice. What I experienced was that with the first wash, the shampoo did not lather up nicely. When I repeated the shampoo washing step, it lathered up much better. After the first few washes, I decided to lather the shampoo in my hand before washing my hair which seems to get a better ‘lather’ result.

QV Gentle Conditioner ($9.95AUD/200ml)

Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner virtually had no scent. I could not detect any. I like that the conditioner had a bit of ‘slip’. I left it on for at least a minute so that it could get to work 🙂 It left my hair less knotty than per usual & the ends of my hair looked much more hydrated! Very happy with the conditioner.


After trialling the shampoo & conditioner for 2 weeks, I have noticed that my scalp gets itchy after the 2nd day as well as oily. However, it has not made my dermatitis any worse.

I would purchase the conditioner again but maybe not the shampoo. I will stick with my HG shampoo but will continue to use the conditioner as I have received great results from it.

You can purchase the new range at Priceline & pharmacies around Australia.